Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter camp.

The Walnut Cabin has been booked at Goodyear Memorial Camp for the Venturers winter camp on the weekend of Feb. 22 - 24. We will be meeting at St. Luke's on Tuesday Feb. 19 to take stock of food and equipment we already have on hand, then on Thursday Feb. 21, we will shop for any remaining requirements.

Baden Powell Banquet

On Wednesday February 20th, we will be participating in the 433rd's Baden Powell Banquet in celebration of BP's birthday and Scouting. We will be helping out with some of the activities at the banquet, including food service and raffle ticket sales. Come out and have a great time.

Cross-country skiing.

On Saturday February 16th, we will be going cross-country skiing at Albion Hills.
We will be skiing from 10:30 am until 2:30 pm. Please bring along payment for ski rentals (if required) and trail fees as well as a lunch. Equipment rental and trail fees are $12, while the trails fees alone (if you have your own equipment) are $8.00. Fees for Adults are $25 and $14.

To get to Albion Hills, travel north on the 427 to Hwy 7. Take Hwy. 7 to Hwy. 50, and travel north on Hwy. 50. Albion Hills is located at 16500 Hwy 50, about 8km north of Bolton.